20th anniversary T-shirt
  • 20th anniversary T-shirt

20th anniversary T-shirt


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It is on a high quality Bella canvas white t-shirt. The shirt marks the 20 yr anniversary of “Something Like That” aka- The Bbq stain song! It was released in 1999 and held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart for 5 weeks in a row! At the end of 2009 The BBQ stain Song would emerge as the most played radio song of the decade in any genre of music! It remains to be a mane stay on country radio and it’s a 3 minute reminder that hearts world wide haven’t forgotten Rick’s great song. We also wanted it to remind you that you are unforgettable too. So wear the shirt with heart and pride and know that a heart don’t forget something like you or Ricks great music!

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